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They say love knows no boundaries and it can overcome any obstacles or differences like social status, wealth, education, looks, age & TIME! But if I say Jony has fallen in love with a lady who is almost 110 years older than him, but she is as beautiful, young and attractive as a 19-years old; then this might sound unbelievable. And that’s where this story unfolds. The meeting of Sreya & Jony was an extraordinary phenomenon. This resulted from a “stupid” scientific project that Jony had been working on with the help of a mad professor and Noimul, his sidekick. The “stupid” project, despite of failing numerous times, very unexpectedly showed results and brought Sreya to the year 2014 through a time travel of 109 years.

Sreya was almost a “run away bride”, trying to avoid the marriage, that was carefully settled by her Uncle. To take control of her own future, she fled on a train. But her efforts led to a bizarre consequence. She was sent a 100 years into the future and arrived at Jony’s backyard. When Noimul & Jony found out about the project’s success, it didn’t excite them at all. They became worried about how to send Sreya back to her time. They also had the challenge of keeping it all a secret. As the story continues, Jony & Sreya’s care for each other turned into love. But the series of nerve-wracking sequences that followed, left little time of romance between them. When they finally found time for each other, Time took Sreya away!