Founded in 2009, Poth Productions, or “PP” as it is fondly referred to by its audiences, is one of the Australia’s biggest south-east asian creative cultural organisation with over 100 members & 20 executive members. Poth Productions is the cultural partner of BCA Boishakhi Mela Sydney for 8 years, the biggest Boishakhi Mela celebration outside Bangladesh with over 15k live audience from every corner of Australasian Bangladeshi diaspora.

Blending Bangladeshi, South Asian and Western artistic influences to deliver original musical, theatrical and visually engaging stage shows at community events has been one of PP’s core offerings. The musical-theatrical productions with such approach or style is a first time attempt for any individual or group within any Bengali diaspora around the globe.

PP are trailblazers of cultural fusion, passionately portraying moving, bold and contemporary topics or familiar themes that are close to our hearts, from a distinctly unique perspective. Its creative team draws on a diverse, multicultural taste in music, dance, and art design. Its artisans craft exquisite props and lavish sets. Through the integration of striking and vivid audio visuals, PP’s theatrical storytellers tap into & portray various aspects of our realism steamed out from nationalism, historical inspirations, cultural evolution & identity…all the way to the purest of notions- love.

Poth Productions’ all projects & initiatives are directed towards:

  • Promoting multiculturalism
  • Promotion of Bengali culture, history & heritage among Australians by creating & projecting theatricals/events in a globally appealing way
  • Familiarizing/connecting/educating our 2nd-3rd generation Bengali-Australians on their Bengali identity
  • Community engagement by involving hundreds of performers, singers, instrumentalists, creative heads, cinematography/audio-visual experts under one roof during productions
  • Raising funds for Cancer patients in Australia
  • Promotion of locals (local Australian Clothing stores/shops/apparels in Fashion Show every year, promoting local performance & musical artists through shows/events)

As a non-profit, democratic & structured organisation with skilled strategy and executive teams, PP is committed towards its unique value proposition to educate & entertain to a broader subcontinental demographic.

PP invites you to come aboard or follow in its pioneering journey, as it paves creative paths and builds cultural bridges.
Poth Productions is open to collaboration on organizing unique cultural concept events & bringing any new ideas to life.

A freeway portrays our forward thinking as trailblazers of cultural fusion and the possibilities of the future. An alternate perception of a lighthouse and its beacon represents our shining creative leadership amid uncharted waters. Presented in high impact typography and a bold shade of orange!

Are you ready to be amazed?

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